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The environment is an ongoing concern for us. Therefore we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. The key aspects of that commitment are:
  • Minimizing the amount of toxic residues.
  • Reducing the emission of greenhouse gas.
  • Promoting recycling.
  • Minimizing our energy consumption.
We realise that it is through our actions that we can acheive our environmental goals. Below are some of the actions we have already taken are.
  • We have been the first to manufacture lead-free wheel balancing weights in North America.
  • Through the installation of new equipment we are reducing our usage of fossil energy and our generation of carbone dioxide. This is significantly reducing the amount of greenhouse gas generated per part produced.
  • Plombco has implemented a recycling program for paper and batteries.
  • An environment award has been created to foster among our employees good environmental practices.
  • We offer a wheel weights recycling program to our customer.